May 24, 2012

Visit to the Basque Country of SPRI, June 2012

18 June, Monday – Parque Tecnológico San Sebastián. 19 June, Tuesday – SPRI-Plaza Bizkaia. 20 June, Wednesday – Parque Tecnológico Alava Spri, 24/05/2012 The Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism along with SPRI, has organized in 18, 19 and 20 June 2012 the visit of the directors of the managerial offices and SPRI specialized advisors...
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EITB: the 1st Group of Communications to join METAPOSTA

The workers in this regional group of television and radio will be able to receive their payslips and notes from this electronic mail and safe box on Internet. •METAPOSTA has already sent more than a million documents since it was established in February 2011. With this new incorporation to METAPOSTA the Basque Country becomes “a...
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The Basque Country Casting Championship in Alava Technology Park

Alava Technology Park, 24/05/2012 Alava Technology Park played host to the 2012 Basque Country Casting Championship last Saturday, 19th May. The tournament weight category was between 125g and 150g and the competition was held in one of the Technology Park’s grounds. There were 15 participants in total, of which 8 were official competitors, who had...
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