July 26, 2012

The HiPERION project in the machine tool sector has raised 5.7 million euros of private investment

The budget allocated by the Basque Government to this strategic project reaches 3.1 million euros Every public euro invested in Hiperion has succeeded in raising 1.84 million euros from private investors. Hiperion is a bet in the sector of machine-tool to get large, very precise machines with very high technology to make them become world-wide...
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Agreement between CEIA and Oinarri to finance SMEs

According to the convention signed at the technology park of Álava, the reciprocal guarantee society will finance the companies members of the Centre of Enterprises and Innovation of Álava on preferential conditions.  Oinarri will also offer individualized and free of charge advice on the ways of financing for new expansion and development projects. The Centre...
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