January 31, 2023

The WATEREYE project to reduce costs at offshore wind farms comes to a successful end

Corrosion is one of the main causes of faults in offshore structures, and one of the most serious if it occurs.  The WATEREYE project headed by the Ceit Technology Centre has been funded by €4.7 million from the HORIZON 2020 European Programme.  Over the past three years, the WATEREYE project has sought to create a...
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The leader of the laboratory of Circadian Physiology of Neurons and Glia will receive 2 million euros to develop StarTicking an ambitious project aiming to understand when and how the circadian clock starts to work

Dr. Mariana Astiz, currently Ikerbasque Research Fellow at ACHUCARRO leading the laboratory of Circadian Physiology of Neurons and Glia has been awarded with an ERC Consolidator Grant 2022. The project StarTicking is funded with 2 million euros, and will be developed during 5 years. The 24-h (circadian) timing system develops during the perinatal period and rules our physiology later in life. It...
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