Abyntek Biopharma designs and validates a protocol for the production of tailor-made polyclonal antibodies

Bizkaia, News

The Basque biopharmaceutical company, a specialist in the design and distribution of bioreagents for scientific research, offers to the research community a new solution to obtain quality custom-made polyclonal antibodies at a reduced cost.

Thanks to the standardization of polyclonal antibody production and purification processes, it is possible to reduce costs without losing the specificity of a custom-designed molecule. This protocol, which Abyntek Biopharma has designed and validated, guarantees the production of a custom polyclonal antibody with a minimum titer of 30,000 at a reduced cost. In this way, it is possible to offer the alternative that many researchers needed to obtain custom-made, quality polyclonal antibodies at a competitive price.

Access the article: https://www.abyntek.com/custom-antibodies/?lang=en


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