AZTI presents openazti, a fresh initiative to share technological ideas and solutions in the marine and foodstuff sphere


* Through “Open Innovation” it is seeking to encourage open and collaborative knowledge in research
* The R+D centre has set itself the aim whereby 10% of its R+D+i will be based on the incorporation of external knowledge by 2015

AZTI-Tecnalia, the R+D centre that specialises in marine and foodstuff research, has launched its openazti initiative, which is seeking the participation of people and organisations who want to share ideas, solutions and patents relating to the marine and foodstuff spheres. The centre will be analysing the proposals received and will be exploring the development possibilities in order to showcase them. AZTI-Tecnalia has set itself the challenge whereby 10% of its R+D+i is based on ‘Open Innovation’ and the incorporation of external knowledge by 2015. With this project the R+D centre is aiming to lead the new generation of organisations devoted to research based on open, collaborative knowledge.

Anyone over 18 as well as other organisations, universities, companies and organisations linked to the marine and foodstuff sphere can participate in openazti by sending in a proposal of an idea, solution or patent through Through this innovative initiative, AZTI-Tecnalia is aiming to incorporate external knowledge and experience to tackle many of the challenges that the centre is facing on a day-to-day basis.

Ideas, solutions to technological demands and submission of patents
The initiative is divided into three sections:
Firstly, the IDEAS geared towards identifying future opportunities that could lead to innovative solutions for current problems and which could enable new activities related to the sea, its resources and its uses, as well as to foodstuffs and their future evolution to be developed. This initiative is open to the general public and players in the sector.

Secondly, the SOLUTIONS to the technological requirements identified as future challenges and which focus on the application fields in which AZTI-Tecnalia works. This call is open to the general public but geared particularly towards research centres, universities, R+D centres and companies.

Right now, there are already two kinds of open calls: the development of a unit to recover waste heat based on an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle). The main aim is to develop a low-power expansion unit that can be used in marine applications. The other is the generation of stable food matrices by means of pressure changes (depressurization) in order to obtain biopolymer systems or food matrices that change phase during decompression or as a result of depressurization.

Thirdly, openazti allows PATENTS relating to AZTI-Tecnalia’s sectors and areas of research TO BE SUBMITTED; examples are marine research, fishery resources and foodstuff research. The patent will be analysed, and should it be of interest, collaboration agreements that can be transformed into specific projects will be explored.

AZTI-Tecnalia’s interest focuses mainly on patents relating to the marine environment, fishery technologies, new foodstuff technologies, new ingredients and foodstuffs, and systems for detecting chemical and biological agents in the marine environment.

Evaluating the proposals received
The three best ideas, solutions and patents which, according to AZTI-Tecnalia’s criteria best fit the organisation’s technological needs and requirements will be routinely evaluated; none may evaluated if they fail to meet AZTI-Tecnalia’s objectives. Depending on the case, the compensation could be economic; the development of the project in collaboration with the R+D centre; or the chance to join the organisation for a time to execute the project.

AZTI-Tecnalia, social development and the enhancing of competitiveness
AZTI-Tecnalia, the expert R+D Centre in Marine and Foodstuff Research, is a Foundation that has its sights set on social development and the enhancement of competitiveness in its sectors of action, the sea and foodstuffs, by means of research and technological innovation. Its staff is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals and is organised into two units: Marine Research and Foodstuff Research, with the assistance of analysis and testing services and the sampling area.

Source: Azti-Tecnalia

Date: 2012/04/25


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