BCARE continues its new phase of expansion with the launch of a new website offering the most comprehensive service catalogue for the battery industry

Álava, News

The CIC energiGUNE spin-off, which recently moved its offices to the Ada Lovelace building on the Vitoria-Gasteiz Campus of the Euskadi Technology Park to face this new stage of growth, aims to bring to customers and potential markets “the maturity achieved in the knowledge of everything surrounding batteries, from the selection of technologies to post-mortem analysis”.

BCARE, a spin-off from CIC energiGUNE to offer value-added services to the energy storage industry, has revamped its website www.bcaremb.com to include the largest catalogue of services and products related to batteries. “We have reached a level of maturity that requires us to have an efficient and versatile tool like this one, in which we can reflect all the knowledge we have gained in these five years of life and, at the same time, offer our customers an effective solution to any need they may have regarding energy storage devices”, said BCARE’s general manager, Soraya Romo Díez.

The new website includes an exhaustive detail of the company’s catalogue of products and services through an improved space, which offers a better user experience and makes it easier to locate all the key information about BCARE’s activity. It also includes news of interest and a new employment channel that will be key to enable the incorporation of qualified people at a time of team growth like the present.

“Last year we increased turnover by 72%, reaching 1.33 million euros,” recalled Javier Olarte, CEO of BCARE. “It was necessary to adapt the website to the new reality of the company and to include not only our services and products, but also the success stories that have made us grow so quickly”, said Olarte, who framed this initiative within the company’s expansion strategy, which has led to the recent move of its offices from the CIC energiGUNE headquarters to the Ada Lovelace building on the Vitoria-Gasteiz Campus.

In this way, BCARE’s new website has become a powerful tool featuring the company’s extensive catalogue of services, aimed at any need associated with the battery life cycle and its stages. This includes everything from the selection of technologies and definition of their technical elements, to second life and post-mortem analysis of devices.
The website also offers a range of products aimed at maximising the useful life of batteries, enabling the anticipation of the different incidents and problems that may arise in any storage system.

Among the products that will be available on the website are BCARE’s first series products, such as battery packs with LiFePO4 technology for back-up applications and battery diagnostic modules capable of monitoring the device’s parameters, keeping it in optimum condition and predicting its potential degradation, reducing maintenance and replacement work. These products, together with the rest of the company’s portfolio, as well as services and success stories, are the basis of a new website that “aims to facilitate the company’s access to new partners and international markets”, as stated by director Soraya Romo Díez.


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