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The first Technology Park in Spain, a trailblazer and reference of a model for transforming the Basque ecosystem of science and technology.

Car pooling


Get ready for shocking information that will change the way you get around!

Have you ever thought about how much CO2 your car emits for every kilometre you drive?
Here’s an interesting fact: an average petrol car emits around 0.143 kg of CO2 per kilometre (source: Car and Driver). If you commute an average distance of 30 kilometres and drive alone to work, you will be emitting around 4.29 kg of CO2 per day, which is the same amount generated by producing 9,375 plastic bottles.

The amount of CO2 emissions generated through the use of vehicles is alarming, and the initiative has pointed out that to compensate for all the emissions if everyone did the same, driving alone to the Parke facilities, we would need 39 parks in Salburua.


To reduce this problem, #ParkeCarpool has launched a solution and has already reduced more than 300 kg of CO2 through the initiative. The community of drivers and carpoolers can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Would you like to be part of the Parke Community that shares cars every day? Download the Hoop Carpool app, register with your phone number, complete the profile and enter your corporate email address to join.

The initiative has also provided two important tips: carpooling means that drivers can double the lifespan of their vehicle, while passengers can reduce their travel time by more than 50%.





Users of the Parke Community who share a car via the Hoop Carpool app to or from the facilities of the Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zamudio/Derio, Abanto, Hernani, Donostia and Leioa campuses can share expenses without commissions and, in addition, drivers can earn up to €20 in petrol vouchers every month.

Join the #ParkeCarpool initiative and contribute to a more sustainable future!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Hoop Carpool team via the information button (“i”) at the bottom right of the app homepage.



Lines A3250, A3224, A2151 and A2153.

Routes and schedules


Combined service between Zamudio railway station and the Campus.


Recharging points for electric vehicles

Next to Building 101, car park for buildings 205-207, 206 and 502.

Where to eat


Building 200
T: +34 94 403 69 00

Asador Aramendi Berria

T: +34 94 662 50 00

Baserri Antzokia

T: +34 94 662 50 00

KEA Healthy for

Building 101

Hotel The Park

Building 806
T: +34 94 647 40 73

En Verde

Building 206
T: +34 94 431 79 44


Building 212
T: +34 94 431 70 25

Restaurante Izarra

Building 105
T: +34 661 201 834

La Ofi

Building 502
T: +34 94 633 64 79

Restaurante Txalupa

Ibaizabal bidea, 101-1st floor
Barco building

Txoko Aretxamendi

Building 102
T: +34 675 782 030

Where to sleep

Hotel Aretxarte

Ibaizabal bidea, 200, 48170 Zamudio
T: +34 94 403 69 00

Hotel The Park

Building 806
T: +34 94 647 40 73

Hotel Seminario Bilbao

Larrauri, 1, 48160 Derio
T: +34 94 465 97 00


Do you work on one of the campuses of the Basque CountryTechnology Park? Do you have to move to another of our locations and need a workspace? At Parke we offer shared spaces with connectivity that can be requested by companies to facilitate the mobility of people for work purposes. Contact and ask us.

Leisure, sport and health


A new space for leisure, culture and sports with numerous activities spread across all the campuses.

Experience the Parke with KLUBA!

AurkituParkean: permanent orienteering circuit

At the Technology Park, we have a number of orienteering circuits classified by level of difficulty which can be completed on foot or by bike.

Orienteering is a sport in which the participant follows a map with a circuit of control points that they have to complete as fast as possible. With the help of a compass, the goal is to find the best paths between each point, while enjoying every corner of the Park.



Aurkitu SDGs

And if you want to try the most entertaining route, using the same controls, we have created an Escape Room. It is true to say that, in this case, “Room” is the most appropriate term as you have to solve all the puzzles along the paths and fields of the Park. In addition, you can work on the Sustainable Development Goals and learn about the impact the Basque Country Technology Park has on them.

Nordic Walking

Passing through different areas of the Technology Park, Nordic walking involves walking naturally while using poles to accompany the instinctive movement of the arms. It is a low-impact full-body technique, which uses 90% of the body’s muscles. It is a way of optimising the dynamics of the walkway according to the physical fitness of each person.

The tree route

There are more than 5,000 trees and up to 87 different species growing at the Technology Park. In order to make this treasure available to everyone, we have designed a number of itineraries with information about the trees.

Ask for your map at the Central Building on the Zamudio/Derio Campus or download it here. We also have a guide book that offers more details about the trees.



Kalam Pilates and Physiotherapy centre is a multidisciplinary centre located in building 502 and aims to improve the quality of life of the people working at Parke. This is why it combines different techniques such as Pilates and physiotherapy.

T: +34 678 852 146

BAIGENE Genetic Fitness

Baigene opens the world’s first Genetic Fitness centre, Baigene is a company dedicated to personalised exercise, personal training and nutrition in a facility called BaigeneLab. In which it develops a safe, effective methodology with the minimum time of 30 minutes a week of exercise and a totally personalised nutrition to achieve a healthy profile. Aimed at people who want to achieve a healthy profile. BaigeneLab is also going to offer an innovative exercise service for companies in mini-groups called CrossHist.

T: +34 697 386 785

Zamudio Sports Centre

Zamudio municipal sports centre is located near to the Technology Park. It has open-air swimming pools, a football ground, a weight room, 2 squash courts, an athletics track, one multi-purpose indoor court and 2 outdoor courts.

T: +34 94 452 21 28

Golf course

The club opened in 2009; it was assessed and certified by the Spanish Royal Golf Federation, in strict compliance with the requirements for a Pitch & Putt golf course.

In addition to the nine-hole course, it has a large putting green, a small practice range, a car park, washing machine, changing rooms and rest area.

Ereaga Bidea s/n
T: +34 618 699 329

IMQ Prevención

Building 206A
T: +34 94 404 33 80


Building 206B
T: +34 94 425 25 00


Buildings 101, 103, 205, 206, 207, 208, 407, 500, 502, 800 y 801.


Nursery school – Udalekus

Zuhaizti nursery school for children from 0 to 3 years old has been located in the heart of the Campus since 2004.

Building 107
T: +34 94 466 26 00