CIDETEC Energy Storage hosted the kick-off meeting of the European SOLVE project

Bizkaia, News

The project aims to position the EU as a leader in the global battery market, focusing on the development of new generation solid state batteries (SSB).

CIDETEC Energy Storage, coordinator of the ambitious SOLVE project, held its kick-off meeting on 12-13 June, marking the official launch of a new initiative aimed at revolutionising battery technology, funded by the European Commission. The project, entitled “SOLVE: Advancing the Development and Production of Solid State Batteries to Power the Future of Electromobility”, aims to position the EU as a leader in the global battery market by focusing on the development of next generation solid state batteries (SSBs).

Solid state batteries represent a major opportunity for the European Union to become a technology leader and improve its position in the battery market. Supported by an international consortium of industry leaders, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as academic experts in the field of solid state batteries, SOLVE aims to leverage R&D capabilities and contribute to the scale-up of mass production of high-performance and safe Gen4b SSBs.

To achieve these goals, SOLVE will need to overcome the barriers that impede the growth of the sector. The project will introduce innovations at key stages of the value chain, optimising the development of active and inactive materials and scaling up cell components, optimising processing techniques under industrial conditions. The project will make use of the PROTEO™ web-based tool, pre-developed by CIDETEC Energy Storage, which will support and accelerate the design of SSBs. This approach will help develop and manufacture prototypes of high-performance, cost-effective, safe and sustainable SSBs of 20 Ah and 0.25 kWh test design module, achieving TRL>=6.

In addition, sustainability criteria will be incorporated to promote the efficient use of resources through eco-design principles and the development of innovative recycling processes in accordance with battery regulations.

With its comprehensive approach and cutting-edge innovations, SOLVE is set to advance the development and production of solid-state batteries, driving the future of electromobility and positioning the EU as a leader in this critical technology sector.


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