BASQUE FOOD CLUSTER launches a diagnosis of training needs of companies in the Basque food sector

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In a context of profound transformation of the labour market, and in view of the need to undertake a significant generational replacement in the Basque food sector, BASQUE FOOD CLUSTER is drawing up a diagnosis of training needs, focusing on those activities that employ the most people: the food industries and the manufacture of beverages (CNAES 10 and 11).

The aim of this project is threefold. On the one hand, it seeks to anticipate changes in professional qualifications deriving from technical progress and work organisation; secondly, to gain in-depth knowledge of the specific training needs in the Basque food chain; and, lastly, to adapt the training offer to the evolution of the contents of present and future occupations.

The study, which will be carried out on the basis of interviews with companies throughout the Basque food chain and other agents of interest, will make it possible to identify and prioritise the lack of professional skills and deficiencies in theoretical and practical knowledge, thus favouring the development of training plans that contribute to improving the preparation of workers and, consequently, to boosting the competitiveness of companies.

The project, subsidised by Lanbide – Basque Employment Service, seeks to contribute to improving the employability of food companies, which are facing a shortage of talent and a lack of generational replacement. To provide a solution to this challenge, interviews will be carried out with companies that will help to analyse the potential demand for current and future professionals, through the detection of training needs that will enable the supply and demand of professionals to be matched.

To carry out this project, BASQUE FOOD CLUSTER has the collaboration of the Prospektiker consultancy team, which will be in charge of carrying out the interviews. Achieving a high level of participation from the companies will be key, as it will facilitate the reflection process and improve the representativeness of the results. For this reason, the Basque food cluster asks for collaboration and encourages all companies in the sector to participate in order to obtain an accurate and useful diagnosis.


BASQUE FOOD CLUSTER is the benchmark association for the food chain in the Basque Country, and its aim is to boost the competitiveness of the companies that form part of it. It is currently made up of 148 companies that cooperate to jointly face the challenge of promoting healthier and more sustainable food. To this end, BASQUE FOOD CLUSTER promotes business collaboration around projects that add value and improve the competitiveness of its members, through a constant focus on the market and consumers, the promotion of innovation and a commitment to talent.


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