Innobasque reinforces the practical nature of its free training in innovation with 25 new courses in 2024

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The Basque Innovation Agency is planning its training offer to serve as a gateway to the Basque innovation ecosystem for participating companies and organisations.

The courses planned for this semester are divided into three blocks, each of them adjusted to the needs of three different profiles: SMEs, companies and organisations interested in the internationalisation of their R&D&I and entities associated with the Agency itself.

The Basque Innovation Agency, Innobasque, this morning presented its free training offer for the first half of 2024, which, as in previous years, is aimed at improving the management of innovation and R&D by all companies and organisations in the autonomous community. The 25 courses that make up the “Training in Innovation 2024” programme are divided into three blocks, each of them aimed at a specific profile (SMEs on the one hand, companies or organisations with interests in the foreign market on the other and, finally, partner entities), but all of them with practical innovation as a common feature. In this way, and thanks to the experience of a prestigious teaching team with extensive experience in the business world, Innobasque adapts the training it provides to the reality of the participants in order to offer them a gateway to the Basque innovation system and the network of agents that can accompany them in any transformational process. The complete catalogue with details on each of the courses can now be consulted on the Agency’s website.

Exclusive courses for SMEs

In the first of the blocks, designed for SMEs with ten or more employees, this semester’s programme focuses on five areas of interest: market, digitalisation, people, business models, financing and product.

The thirteen courses will start on 28 February and will be held in person at different locations in the three historical territories. In Gipuzkoa (Donostia and Arrasate) those dedicated to customer loyalty strategies, after-sales service and innovation in both product and business models will be held; those in Bizkaia (Bilbao and in the Science and Technology Park in Zamudio) will deal with digitalisation in processes, machinery and management systems, brand strategy for attracting customers, the commitment of people and the competitive advantages of intelligent organisations; in Araba (Gasteiz) those focusing on the financing of innovation will take place.

Courses on European aid

The second of the blocks is aimed at companies and organisations, both public and private, interested in internationalising their R+D+i. In this case, starting on 27 February, five courses will be held in Zamudio, alternating between online and face-to-face sessions to explain the dynamising and financing role of the EU, the strategic planning of your European projects and the Horizon Europe framework programme by RIS3 theme.

Courses for partners

Finally, the last of the three blocks that make up the Innobasque training offer for this first half of the year is specifically designed for partner organisations of the Agency itself. In this case, the aim is to offer practical information on trends such as artificial intelligence, addressing both the risks and opportunities in its application, as well as providing the keys to managing innovation and aligning it with your strategy: how to create an R&D&I department, monitor and assess innovations arising in the environment or competition and learn where and how to obtain grants for the implementation of innovation projects and plans are part of the content offered for partner organisations. In this case, the nine courses will be given in person in Zamudio from 29 February.

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