ITP Aero to create more than 250 high-skilled jobs for the FCAS programme over the next 3 years

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As part of its overall technology and industrial growth plan, the company will grow by more than 400 people in 2023 alone.

Growth in Defence is focused on the company’s role as the national leader of the FCAS engine pillar.

Within the framework of the International Defence Fair (FEINDEF), ITP Aero has organised an event with students to reinforce its plan to attract talent in view of the new projects for the development of new generation technologies that the company is leading.

The growth of ITP Aero’s defence area forms part of the company’s strategy as a leading independent company in the world aeronautical market, increasing production capacities, global industrial footprint and the development of its own technology. As such, ITP Aero will accelerate its growth trajectory, under Bain Capital-led ownership, with record capex investment and the launch of numerous initiatives. In 2022, ITP Aero’s global headcount increased by 8% to 4,700 employees. During 2023, headcount growth estimates are around 10%, +400 new jobs.

In the Defence area, and in Spain alone, ITP Aero will generate more than 250 highly qualified jobs over the next 3 years at its centres in Madrid and the Basque Country (Zamudio/Derio Campus of the Euskadi Technology Park), due to its role as a national leader in the driving pillar of the FCAS.

During the event, ITP Aero presented the different technology development projects it is leading and revealed the different engineering profiles it needs to incorporate, including: aerothermal, control systems, method development, advanced testing, materials, digitalisation and software, electrification and in-service support. All the jobs ITP Aero will generate will be highly specialised, long-term and focused on aerospace propulsion systems.

Álvaro Santodomingo, ITP Aero’s Executive Director of Defence, said: “Under the new Defence context, we are entering a new phase of growth that will reinforce our leadership in the aeronautical sector at national and European level. We are in a privileged position to attract the best talent, and among all the current projects, the development of the new FCAS engine stands out, which will allow us to work on state-of-the-art technologies in dual propulsion”.


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