The Network of Technology Parks in Euskadi is a living community and a genuine ecosystem for knowledge and scientific and technological development which encompasses 618 companies, research organisations and innovation centres, from large corporations to start-ups.
  • 2021 saw a recorded turnover of 5.779 million Euros
  • This constitutes 7% of GDP, 7% of employment and 6.7% of tax revenue
  • The organisations of the Parks invested 589 million, representing more than 37 % of total spending on research and development among companies in Euskadi
  • 36% of the companies have been launched as a result of the support of Basque elkartegis and incubators
  • The Parks at Álava, Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia employ a total of 20,305 people
  • 53% of these individuals hold postgraduate qualifications and 32% work in research and development
  • In 2021 alone, the companies based at the Park registered a total of 131 patents

The Technology Parks in Euskadi already have over three decades of history. Their facilities host companies from a wide range of industries: information and communication technology, electronics, aviation, research and development, medicine and biosciences, energy and the environment, engineering, automotive technology, advanced services, general services, university and training agents, innovation and business incubation.

The companies working with information technology employ the largest proportion of individuals in the Parks, with these employees representing 22% of the total workforce. This sector has an especially significant presence in the Bizkaia Park where companies working with information and communication technology constitute 24% of the total workforce.

Another sector with the most weight in the staff of the Basque Park Network is R&D; one in five workers in Basque technology parks (19%). Also relevant are the electronics sectors, which employ 10% and the biosciences sector with 9%. 

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