New SPRI call to accelerate the competitiveness and digitisation of SMEs through alliances with technology startups

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The BIND SME programme opens the deadline for its fourth call for SMEs until 28 June, with 55 beneficiaries already in the running

BIND SME, the initiative that proposes the development of innovative solutions for SMEs in collaboration with startups, launches its fourth call. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the Basque Country interested in improving their competitiveness through digital transformation can register until 28 June and participate in the fourth edition of BIND SME.

The BIND SME initiative is part of the BIND public-private open innovation platform, created by the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment through the SPRI Group and its Up!Euskadi platform. It currently has three initiatives to boost digitalisation and competitiveness in Basque industry and administration: the acceleration programme, in collaboration with large corporate companies; BIND SME, which connects SMEs with startups; and BIND GovTech, the initiative that promotes the digitalisation of Basque public companies.



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