Precision technology for new aeronautical production systems

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Tekniker participates in a project led by Aernnova to improve the precision of its robots in different assembly operations

The drive to automate manufacturing processes in the aeronautical industry contributes to increasing competitiveness and production capacities, but also requires solutions that improve the performance of the new production systems.

In this context, the Tekniker technology centre is participating in a project that seeks to design a solution for the company Aernnova to improve the precision of the robots used in different aircraft assembly operations at its plant in Berantevilla (Araba).

Tekniker’s research group specialised in precision engineering and metrology contributes with its knowledge and experience in this initiative led by the aeronautical company.

Specifically, Tekniker will develop “a customised solution for the characterisation of Aernnova robots and their applicability in real time in drilling or assembly processes”, according to Unai Mutilba, the researcher responsible for the project. To do this, the team will create “mathematical models that represent the operation of the robots”.

“The implementation will improve the precision of these means of production with the consequent increase in productivity and reduction in production costs,” says the Tekniker researcher.

The centre will develop a mathematical model that represents and predicts the operation of the robots, their geometric composition and rigidity in order to improve the accuracy of the system in different working positions. The team will implement this model in the control system of the robots to improve their accuracy.

The strength of robots is repeatability, but not accuracy. Hence the need to apply metrology techniques to these means.

Research in these technologies will allow aeronautical companies like Aernnova ‘to offer more profitable and sustainable products, increase the efficiency of assembly lines, reduce delivery times, increase the quality of production, optimise the consumption of resources and achieve significant savings in manufacturing costs, thus responding to the increased demand required by the aeronautical sector,’ explains the Tekniker researcher.

The initiative led by Aernnova, with a completion date of 2025, has the participation of four SMEs in the aeronautical sector and the collaboration of Tekniker as a technology agent and member of the Basque network of science, technology and innovation. The project is supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Spanish Government within the PTA2022 Aeronautical Technology Programme of the CDTI.


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