Software manufacturer SPYRO strengthens its position and brings together 200 professionals at its 22nd Congress held at the Gipuzkoa Park

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SPYRO Software, a company from Gipuzkoa with more than 35 years of experience, expects to grow by 13% in 2022 and maintain the investment of 15% of its turnover in R+D. It will do so by focusing on developments that facilitate the business management of companies and their compatibility with other systems, taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by new technologies

Integrated into the multinational TSS since 2020, SPYRO has maintained double-digit growth since then, continuously investing in products and maintaining its workforce. “If anyone could think that integration into a larger group could dilute our company, today we can say that there is more SPYRO than ever with medium and long-term strategies,” said Ricardo Gonzalez, managing director of SPYRO

The Congress took place at the Science and Technology Park of Gipuzkoa and during the event the main technological developments in the digitisation of business processes were presented, as well as aspects related to cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and the human factor. The event was attended by 16 speakers

The software manufacturer SPYRO has held its XXII Congress at the Auditorium of the Science and Technology Park of Gipuzkoa under the slogan: ‘Digital thinking. Human feeling’. The event brought together 200 professionals from different sectors and autonomous communities to learn and share the main technological developments regarding the digitisation of companies, without losing sight of the human factor, a key factor in the new digital reality.

During the meeting, SPYRO announced its results, noting double-digit growth since its integration into Total Specific Solutions (TSS) in 2020, with 10% growth in 2021 and 13% in 2022, and the maintenance of the workforce. It also maintains its investment of 15% of its turnover in R&D during this period, both in the improvement of its current products and in the development of new solutions.

“During the last few years we have not stopped investing in products. We are making a big commitment to cloud migration and many customers have already opted to migrate to Spyro Cloud. This has been a revolution because it means forgetting about hardware, operating systems, updates, etc.,” said Ricardo González, managing director of SPYRO, during his speech.

As he explained, the integration in 2020 in the TSS group of companies, “has allowed us to continue our career growth, take advantage of the best practices and lessons learned from our new colleagues, their commitment to talent development and new business initiatives. And all this while ensuring independence in the management and decision making of SPYRO Software”. In this context, he explained, SPYRO has opted for a change of image that incorporates a heart and has as a claim ‘The intelligent heart of your business’, because “we are the engine that pumps and makes all processes work properly in our client companies.

Under this premise, SPYRO has presented at its Congress some of the new solutions it has developed with the aim of facilitating its users:

  • New business opportunities through data analytics (Intelligence)
  • Improve the customer experience and their relationship with the brand (Commerce)
  • Providing a rapid and secure response capacity in a changing environment (Cloud)
  • Improve the efficiency of processes in organisations (Planner)
  • Boosting the culture of innovation in the company (Lab)
  • Encourage collaborative work and internal communication (APIs)


The Congress was opened by Jabier Larrañaga, Deputy for Economic Promotion, Tourism and the Rural Environment, who stressed that in Gipuzkoa “as a strength, we are fortunate to have a long-term vision in both institutions and companies, which have a very important reinvestment culture”. In this sense, he added that in the digital transformation we are going through, “reinvestment is increasingly important, not only in tangibles, but also in intangibles. Although we are living in times of uncertainty, it is necessary to continue preparing for the future. Confidence opens us up to new opportunities, while fear paralyses us”, he concluded.

At the closing ceremony, Estibaliz Hernáez, Deputy Minister of Technology, Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Basque Government and President of the Basque Technology Park Network, stressed that digitalisation is more than necessary: “Today it is not an option. And it is necessary to accompany technology with cybersecurity, ethics in data management and, indispensable, the requalification of people. For this reason, in the new strategy for the digital transformation of the Basque Country, we attach great importance to what we call digital skills”, he pointed out.

Also taking part in the event were Koldo Peciña, manager of the Industrial Cybersecurity Centre of Gipuzkoa (ZIUR); José Antonio Erdozia, CEO of the Gipuzkoan company COUTH Industrial Marking System; Leire Legarreta, CEO & Founder of We Are Clickers; Pilar Kaltzada, writer and expert in strategic consultancy; and Jurriaan Piek, General Manager of Total Specific Solutions (TSS).

Solidarity Award

On the occasion of the Congress, SPYRO presented a solidarity award to the Guipuzcoa Autism Association, Gautena, in appreciation and tribute to its work focused on promoting that every person with autism spectrum disorder, or with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, and their families, can have the right opportunities to achieve a full quality of life in a society that favours inclusion.

The award, with an economic endowment in which SPYRO’s partners Sabbatic, Digitalentu and Tecnipesa have collaborated, has been collected by the president of the association, Patxi Agirre, from the hands of the managing director of SPYRO.



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