Successful collaboration between AR Racking and Rudells Lagerinredningar for the development of a modern warehouse for Pretec

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AR Racking and Rudells Lagerinredningar have joined forces to design and implement a state-of-the-art warehouse for Pretec in Kungälv, Sweden.

With over 6,000 pallet spaces, this collaboration highlights innovation in storage solutions and attention to operational efficiency.

AR Racking, a world leader in industrial storage solutions, is proud to announce the successful outcome of its partnership with respected Swedish distributor, Rudells Lagerinredningar, in the implementation of Pretec’s innovative warehouse in Kungälv. This joint project has culminated in the creation of a highly efficient and adaptable space to handle over 6,000 pallets and house Pretec’s extensive product range.

“We are excited to share the success of this project with our partner, Rudells Lagerinredningar. The efficient implementation of the new Pretec warehouse highlights our shared commitment to excellence in storage solutions,” says Alberto de la Puente, AR RACKING’s Area Manager for the Nordics.

In this strategic collaboration, AR Racking and Rudells Lagerinredningar have worked closely together in the planning and execution of the warehouse design. More than 6,000 AR Racking pallet spaces have been integrated with key accessories such as collision protection, drive-through protection and label holders, thus raising the standards of safety and operational efficiency.

Erik Rudell, Sales Director, says “We are delighted to have been part of this significant project. The delivery and installation of high quality storage solutions reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction”.

Rudells Lagerinredningar is proud to have delivered and installed the storage solutions with high quality, speed and accuracy, complying with all applicable norms and standards. The collaboration with Pretec has been a positive experience, and Erik Rudell wishes Pretec a successful future in their new and expanded warehouse.

With approximately 17,000 items, of which more than 3,000 are in stock, Pretec’s new warehouse represents a customised storage capacity to ensure fast and efficient deliveries. The company looks forward to continued collaboration with Rudells Lagerinredningar and AR Racking in the future.


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