The Basque Country Casting Championship in Alava Technology Park


Alava Technology Park, 24/05/2012

Alava Technology Park played host to the 2012 Basque Country Casting Championship last Saturday, 19th May. The tournament weight category was between 125g and 150g and the competition was held in one of the Technology Park’s grounds. There were 15 participants in total, of which 8 were official competitors, who had been selected in previous provincial championships. The event consisted of the caster having 4 casts in each of the weight categories (125g and 150g), with the 200 metre mark being surpassed on some occasions.

Casting is a sport derived from sport fishing. There are two disciplines within casting: One is a test of accuracy and marksmanship, and the other tests technique for gaining distance. The latter consists of casting the specified weight as far as possible, using specialist equipment. The Basque Federation of Fishing and Casting is the body that is responsible for organising the official Fishing and Casting competitions.

The Basque Country Championship is an official competition that in addition to awarding the title of Basque Country champion, it also serves to form the selection of the Basque Country team who will take part in the Spanish Championship on June 2nd in Malaga.


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