The Basque Country meets with more than 100 companies at the world’s most prominent Biotechnology Convention.


Boston has been welcoming the biggest bio companies in the world’s most prominent Biotechnology Convention. In this year’s Convention BIO, Spain is the international pavilion that has been the most active, ahead of countries such as Brazil, China, India and Russia. Companies in the Basque bioregion have been able to negotiate with international companies with the aim of addressing matters such as joint ventures in product development as well as agreements on their marketing schemes. The Basque Bioregion is made up of 70 businesses that employ more than 3000 highly skilled people in the Basque Country. Basque Country will be the headquarters of the 6th edition of BioSpain between the 19th and 21st September. The convention will be held in the BEC Barakaldo, with countless activities for the sector and with the presence of more than 25 countries and around 1,600 attendees confirmed.

Basque Government, 21/06/2012

During the 4 days, the Basque Country has been one of the protagonists at this high profile biotechnology convention, which closes today in Boston, Massachusetts. The business mission has been headed by the Deputy Minister of Innovation and Technology, John Goicolea, the Director of Technology Edorta Larrauri as well as SPRI members and BicBerrilan. All of them have given a good representation of the Basque biotechnology business sector.


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