The HiPERION project in the machine tool sector has raised 5.7 million euros of private investment


  • The budget allocated by the Basque Government to this strategic project reaches 3.1 million euros
  • Every public euro invested in Hiperion has succeeded in raising 1.84 million euros from private investors.
  • Hiperion is a bet in the sector of machine-tool to get large, very precise machines with very high technology to make them become world-wide leaders. Five Basque companies and three officers from the science and technology network, led by Soraluce, have taken part in the project.
  • The Hiperion project has brought four new patents and seven studies of feasibility of patents. Etorgai is the program of the Basque Government which promotes integrated strategic industrial research projects.

Today, Lehendakari Patxi López has presented the output of Etorgai Hiperion project in the premises of Soraluce located in Bergara. This project, which has raised around 8.8 million euros (5.7 million from private investors and 3.1 from the Basque Government), has managed to promote the development and adaptation of the Basque machine-tool sector to high competitive positions in the world.

The Hiperion project aims to position the Basque consortium of machine-tool as a first option in purchases worl-wide, particularly in precision machines for large size parts as well as present the territory as a source of sustainable growth. Hiperion is the result of the work of a team of 5 Basque companies specialised in large machines, bearing a strategic decision to get ahead as a team and with the support of two large technology corporations, Tecnalia and IK4. Both corporations have the objective of improving competitiveness of Basque companies through research, development and transfer of world-wide competitive technology in the field of manufacturing.


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