Three calls for proposals for the Marie Curie Fellowships 2012 have been issued, with a total budget of 200 million euros


The calls have been published in the Official Journal of the Community and form part of the VII PM specific programme “People”

European Commission, 13/03/2012

The European Commission has published three calls for proposals for the Marie Curie Fellowships in the OJEC, with a total budget of 200 million euros. The three calls form part of the specific programme “People” of the VII Framework Programme, and are as follows:

Marie Curie Inter-European Fellowships for Career Development (IEF), which aim to help researchers acquire a leading position in research, acquiring the status of main researcher, professor or any other senior position in education or business.

International Incoming Fellowships (IIF), whose aim is to strengthen research excellence in the Member States and associated countries through knowledge exchange, by hosting top-level researchers from third countries coming to Europe to participate in European research projects.

Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowships (IOF). This action aims to strengthen the international dimension of the professional career of European researchers, giving them the chance to train and acquire knowledge at top-level research-active organisations in other countries. These researchers will later return with the experience and knowledge acquired from another organisation in one of the member States or associated countries.

The interested organisations, who must have their registered office in an EU Member State or associated country, have until 16 August 2012 to present their proposals.


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