Venezuela strengthens business relations with the Basque Country


The Venezuelan ambassador in Spain and a delegation of Venezuelan businessmen meets with the Department of Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism and Basque Employers. The open day for Basque companies gathered nearly a hundred businesses interested in doing business in Venezuela.

Basque Government, 15/06/2012

Today Friday, the 15th June, the Basque Government Deputy Minister for Innovation and Technology, Juan Goicolea, the president of Confebask, Miguel Ángel Lujua and the Director General of the SPRI Group, Tomás Orbea received the Venezuelan Ambassador in Spain, Bernardo Álvarez and a delegation of Venezuelan businessmen to forge closer ties and strengthen its trade relations.

The visit was arranged, after the interest shown by the Venezuelan embassy to submit the Strategic Plan of PDVSA – Venezuelan Petroleum to representatives of the Basque business community. The meeting was held in the Guggenheim Museum.

Initially, Bernardo Álvarez brought together leading companies from various business sectors, the processing of raw materials, energy, electronic development and oil and gas. This presentation of the strategic plan for oil in the Latin American country has strengthened relationships.


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