Wattio and the Fuenlabrada City Council innovate in the care of the elderly thanks to Artificial Intelligence

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The Fuenlabrada City Council, in its continuous search to improve the wellbeing of the elderly in its town, has started an innovative pilot project that aims to promote and support home care for families in their homes

It is an innovative system developed by the Gipuzkoan technology company Wattio which, using Artificial Intelligence, virtual assistants and IoT devices, detects the routine of our loved ones and notifies family members of any unusual behavior without having to carry devices. This is important since many people at the time of an accident do not carry alarm devices, such as pendants, locket, bracelet, etc.

The Wattio Konekta2 solution detects the routine of our loved ones and if there is any unusual behavior, it automatically notifies the relatives so they can check any possible incident. In addition, caregivers can ask for help by voice. This allows family members to anticipate accidents in the face of routine changes that usually anticipate serious domestic accidents.

The project, which will have the participation of 30 families, is in the initial phase and is expected to be finished over the next year. The City Council, after a search for innovative solutions for caring for people in their homes, has selected Wattio to test this solution that allows, through data analysis and Artificial Intelligence, to improve the quality of life of its citizens.

Among the main advantages of the product are the tranquility and autonomy that both families and their loved ones perceive, the rapid intervention of family members and emergency services, if necessary, in the event of serious domestic accidents. In addition, the incorporation of virtual assistants helps alleviate the feeling of loneliness.

Users who already have the solution in their homes positively value the peace of mind offered by a system that takes care of their loved ones 24/7.

With this project, Wattio is already present in the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and in the Andoain and Fuenlabrada Town Halls, demonstrating that the use of technology in home care will change the way we care for our loved ones.

Wattio is currently in talks with both public and private entities with the aim of continuing to expand its network in such a way that this system reaches the maximum number of households.

For more information you can consult the web https://konekta2wattio.com

About Wattio

Wattio is a SmartHome company born in 2010 that designs innovative solutions to improve people’s lives through technology.

The company has the support of investors as relevant as Repsol who see in Wattio’s products a solution to improve the efficiency of their operations and an added value for their customers.

Since 2018, Wattio aims to innovate in the way in which the elderly is cared for, using the tools it knows best, such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT, also adding virtual assistants that, through simple language, allow users to interact and ask for help by voice.


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