6th Edition of the Tecnalia Journalism Award for ‘Communicating Technology Research and Innovation’


The 6th Edition of the TECNALIA Journalism Award for Communicating Technology Research and Innovation is being organised in 2012 with the theme “Innovation for Society”. It sets out to recognise the key role played by Media Professionals (Press, Radio, Television and Internet) in communicating research and innovation in public opinion, and consequently in promoting a scientific culture among citizens and Society in general.

The works entered for this Award must have the following characteristics:

• Works in print format: be accompanied by an original copy of the medium in which they were published.

• Works broadcast on the Radio: be recorded on CD or USB memory stick together with the full programme of the broadcast, indicating radio station and date broadcast.

• Works broadcast on Television: be recorded on a DVD or USB memory stick together with the full programme of the broadcast indicating channel and the date they went on air.

• Works posted on the Internet: be copied onto a CD Rom or USB memory stick and incorporated into the complete web page that disseminated the work.

Eligible for this award are media communications professionals who have published, broadcast or disseminated journalistic works signed in their own name or pseudonym and produced individually or in a team, in any of the formats indicated above between 1 January 2011 and 31 May 2012.

Each candidate may submit a maximum of two pieces of work.

The works may be submitted in the official languages of any of the European Union countries although the sending of a copy in Spanish is obligatory.

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