Bilbao will host on 18 and 19 January Languages Lanean, the 1st. International Conference on Language Management

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The conference Languages Lanean. The challenges of language management in economic activity aims to highlight the importance of language management in the world of work and to disseminate the good practices of organisations with advanced language management in the socio-economic sphere. The conference looks to the future, to a globalised socio-economic sector in which language management is necessary in order to offer a quality service and compete in the market.

Globalisation, diversity and internationalisation are some of the characteristics of today’s society, which increase the complexity of language management in economic activity. New opportunities are also arising, thanks to language technologies and artificial intelligence. Languages Lanean is a conference whose aim is to learn about experiences, reflect on them and share knowledge. To this end, both Basque and international speakers have been invited. In addition to the conferences, there will be round tables, organised by sector. An extensive programme has been prepared with the participation of more than 50 speakers.

The conference is organised by the Basque Government’s Department of Culture and Language Policy and the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment. It will be a two-day meeting to be held in Bilbao; on 18 January at the Palacio Euskalduna Bilbao and on 19 January at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.
The congress is free of charge, but to attend it is necessary to register on the website:


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