Concha Vidales, from DNA Data and Kontxi San Juan, from Viralgen, awarded with the Aspegi 2022 prize.

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The Association of Businesswomen, Professionals and Executives of Gipuzkoa, ASPEGI, has announced the winners of the 7th edition of its awards, which have been granted to two professionals from the Science and Technology Park of Gipuzkoa

Authors of change’ is the slogan of this year’s edition of the Aspegi awards

The prizes awarded annually by the Aspegi association to businesswomen and management/professional women have been awarded in their seventh edition to two professionals working in the companies of the Science and Technology Park of Gipuzkoa, DNA Data and Viralgen.

Concha Vidales, founder and CEO of DNA Data has been recognised with the award for “Best Female Entrepreneur” 2022. The award-winner founded what is today a renowned biomedical company specialising in genetic and biological analysis for the diagnosis of genetic diseases. With a scope of action in genetic pathologies of any medical discipline, it also incorporates R&D processes always related to diagnostic improvement and the development and marketing of products aimed at the services it provides.

Kontxi San Juan, winner of the “Best Manager/Professional” award, is the Director of Human Resources at Viralgen. A lawyer and expert in people management and the development and management of management teams in different sectors, she currently heads one of the key departments of the company specialising in genetic therapies. Viralgen was created in 2017 in response to the unmet need for gene therapies. Its goal is to help expand access to these life-saving therapies and contribute to the advancement of human health and well-being around the world.


ASPEGI, the Association of Professionals, Businesswomen and Executives of Gipuzkoa, set up these awards to recognise the work of women in the economic-business sphere, making the working reality of this group visible in order to promote greater equality.

The association aims to be the nexus of union and the representative entity of businesswomen, professionals and managers of Gipuzkoa, acting through the defence, representation and promotion of their interests, development and competitiveness in the business, professional and social spheres.

The aim is to contribute, by means of a progressive extension of its framework of action and sphere of influence, to the achievement of a fairer and more egalitarian society.
ASPEGI currently has a membership of more than 650 women in Gipuzkoa belonging to all business and professional sectors.




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