”Nanomaterials for Water Treatment: Opportunities and Barriers” in Bilbao next october


The Environment Unit of Tecnalia is organizing next October 4th-6th in Bilbao (Spain) a workshop entitled “Nanomaterials for Water Treatment: Opportunities and Barriers”.

This event is aimed at creating a privileged context of discussion on the topic of nanomaterials applied to water treatment. Nanotechnology for Water Treatment will be considered from two perspectives: the opportunities that this technology offers for the water industry and possible barriers that may arise from the suspected impact of nanomaterials on the environment.

Nanotechnology offers very promising approaches to tackle future challenges in water treatment. Due to their outstanding properties, nanomaterials are able to eliminate a wide range of contaminants, from toxic metal ions to persistent organic molecules. Moreover, their increased surface enhances considerably their reactivity resulting in more efficient processes and a lower consumption of resources.

The workshop “Nanomaterials for Water Treatment: opportunities and barriers” will mainly cover two nanotechnological applications: TiO2 photocatalysis for waste water treatment and zero-valent iron (nZVI) for groundwater remediation. To extend the scope of the debate the workshop will also have a special focus on the policy context and the potential environmental implications of nanomaterials.

During three days leading scientists from the EU, USA and Japan, will be gathered. Presentations will be followed by 1 hour debate session in order to promote exchange and discussion between the participants.


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