New test will allow early detection of lactose intolerance

Two Basque companies launch a new test in the Basque Country that will enable early detection of lactose intolerance

This is an example of collaboration, in this case between BIOLAN HEALTH and the QUIRÓNSALUD BIZKAIA HOSPITAL within the framework of the OSASUNBERRI initiative, which promotes the incorporation of 0 kilometre innovation into the Basque health system

Lactose intolerance affects 20% of our population

The new test, developed in collaboration with VENTER PHARMA, allows early detection in a safe and comfortable way for the patient, compared to those currently available

The Basque companies BIOLAN HEALTH and HOSPITAL QUIRÓNSALUD BIZKAIA, in collaboration with VENTER PHARMA, present a new urine test for the early detection of lactose intolerance in a simple and reliable way. According to the Spanish Digestive System Foundation, lactose intolerance affects between 20% and 40% of our population and is caused by the lack of an enzyme called intestinal lactase, causing nausea, abdominal pain or diarrhoea in these patients.

Until now, tests to detect lactose intolerance consisted of having the patient ingest a lactose-containing preparation and then taking a blood test or a hydrogen breath test, an action that is uncomfortable for the patient. However, the development of BIOLAN HEALTH’s OSAXYL biosensor, together with VENTAR PHARMA’s LACTEST drug, offers a disruptive solution for detecting this intolerance more quickly and safely, an innovation that QUIRONSALUD Hospital in Bizkaia is committed to.

People with hypolactasia, as this disease is called, have various symptoms after ingesting products containing lactose, ranging from abdominal pain, gas and diarrhoea to vomiting, but the symptoms vary depending on the amount ingested and the level of intolerance. For this reason, the launch of this shared initiative will be implemented at QUIRÓNSALUD Bizkaia Hospital, offering patients at the centre this diagnostic test, and we expect satisfactory results very soon.

This joint initiative has been brought about as a result of the launch of the OSASUNBERRI project, which aims to facilitate a collaborative environment for innovation between companies in the health sector. The aim of OSASUNBERRI is to join forces and strengthen the Km 0 health sector, with the development and incorporation of innovative solutions in the health system and investment in competitive research and production infrastructures.