OSALAN Occupational Risk Prevention Talks (Mobile Classroom)


Next week, from 20 – 24 February, a series of talks on Preventive Awareness-Raising at the Workplace will be given at Álava Technology Park by OSALAN (the Basque Institute of Occupational Health and Safety), within the framework of the Mobile Classroom project.

Álava Technology Park, 15/02/2012

The aim of the talks is to put across basic ideas on occupational health, safety and hygiene and raise workers’ and employers’ awareness of workplace risk prevention.

The training workshops will be given by Occupational Risk Prevention technicians and are geared to workers, middle managers, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. Each talk lasts an hour and a half and will be given in a specially conditioned vehicle, fully furnished and equipped with all computer resources, parked in the car park of the Central Building.

All workers and companies attending the workshops will be given a diploma of attendance, endorsed and issued by OSALAN.

The talks can be specifically tailored to the companies’ particular business. Interested companies must book in advance, either via the website http://www.aulamovil-prl.com/ or by calling 902 060 008.


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