Six new companies present their activities at K-BUSINESS, an initiative to connect companies in the Basque Country Technology Park

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Ghenova, Hazi Fundazioa, Mobility LAB Vitoria-Gasteiz, Petronor, Robotekin and Woza Labs are some of the organisations that have set up in recent months on the different Campuses of the Basque Country Technology Park and which took part in this meeting space today.

Today at the K-business meeting, the Basque Country Technology Park presented six new entities from the group of companies that have recently set up on the different campuses. The new companies Ghenova, Hazi Fundazioa, Mobility LAB Vitoria-Gasteiz, Petronor, Robotekin and Woza Labs presented their activities, products and services at this meeting point for the Basque Country Technology Park entities, which aims to promote contact, collaboration and business development.

With today’s event, these meetings have now been held for the 18th time, with more than 300 participating organisations and more than 600 bilateral meetings which have resulted in numerous business agreements.

Round of presentations

The initiative, in which 34 people took part, included a round of presentations of each of the companies, and 36 bilateral meetings to promote contact, opportunities for collaboration and business development between the registered entities.

Ghenova, an international company that provides multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy services, with a workforce of over 1,000 professionals and a presence in 8 countries, continues to consolidate its expansion and growth plan and has opened a new office on the Zamudio/Derio Campus. It offers its services in sectors such as naval and defence, energy and industry, digital, cybersecurity, marine renewable energies and port electrification.

Hazi Fundazioa supports the Basque agri-food and forestry sector. As a public foundation of the Basque Government, its function is to coordinate and catalyse strategic projects to boost the competitiveness and sustainability of the food and forestry value chain, as well as to dynamise the rural and coastal environment of the Basque Country. Present in the three historical territories, HAZI has recently joined the Donostia Campus.

Mobiliy LAB Vitoria-Gasteiz is a pole of innovation in urban mobility and logistics to test new solutions and boost the competitiveness of the economic fabric of Alava, which has recently been installed on the Vitoria-Gasteiz Campus. It aims to identify and test innovative solutions in the field of urban mobility and logistics, taking advantage of the unique business and research ecosystem in Vitoria-Gasteiz and Alava.

Petronor, a company owned by Repsol (85%) and Kutxabank (15%), specialises in transport fuels. It is currently immersed in a transformation project with the aim of becoming a Zero Net Emissions company by 2050. The keys to this are technology and industrial innovation to generate a new portfolio of decarbonised multi-energy products (hydrogen, e-fuels, biofuels, etc.). The Abanto Campus will promote these projects.

Robotekin (Basque Robotics and Automation Association) works from the Vitoria-Gasteiz Campus to generate an ecosystem between companies and agents linked to the robotics and automation sector to position Alava and the Basque Country as an international destination for talent, investment and quality employment, making Basque industry more competitive and promoting inclusive robotisation.

Woza Labs, from its facilities at the Donostia Campus, offers a complete set of tools that combine geospatial science, remote information, AI and predictive analysis, providing solutions to companies and governments in their sustainability, planning and risk mitigation objectives.

K-business is the Networking service of the Technology Park that aims to help companies to meet and interact with other companies and agents in the environment, identifying and generating opportunities for collaboration and business development.

The K-business service is part of the Technology Park’s BEParke initiative, which aims to cover the different needs of business projects through a new catalogue of specialised services. In this sense, in addition to the K-business Neworking service, the PARKE brand includes four other new services: K-talent, K-impulse, K-future and K-media, designed to promote business, professional and personal development.


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