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Tekniker is involved in the design of a sensor device that can distinguish between people and traffic signals.The electronic solution brings together artificial vision and ‘deep learning´.

The main goal of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is to improve road safety for car passengers and people on foot. The implementation of these systems poses a significant technical challenge that does not only require the development of new technological and electronic solutions but also enhanced designs to achieve miniaturisation.

In order to address these challenges, the Gipuzkoa-based firm Masermic has developed a device with the support of Tekniker through its expertise and experience in terms of designing and developing electronic hardware, optical sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) for system cameras.

As explained by the Tekniker researcher David Cantero, “thanks to our solutions it is possible to detect people on foot, read traffic lights or signs to guarantee their safety. This information is transmitted together with a video sequence to the vehicle´s electronic control systems to make assisted driving safer and autonomous”.

The resulting data contain highly valuable information that can be used, for instance, to trigger an alarm regarding the presence of other nearby vehicles or pedestrians as a warning to reduce speed according to road limitations or traffic light signalling.

Thanks to different autonomy settings the system can trigger alarms for drivers when facing these situations or take over vehicle controls to respond in an anticipatory manner and avoid situations of danger.

The solution designed by the technology centre equipped with artificial vision and deep learning aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of ADAS systems. It is also part of the electronic system manufactured by Masermic.

As the progressive incorporation of more technologies in these systems has made them bigger, great care is being taken in the design and development stages to miniaturise these units so they will only take up a minimum amount of space on a windscreen and not interfere with the visual field whilst driving.

The incorporation of more and more technologies into these systems means that their size is increasing. For this reason, special care has been taken in the design and development of the miniaturization of the assembly so that it occupies as little space as possible on the windshield and does not interfere with the field of vision while driving.

This vision system, developed and manufactured by Masermic, has been incorporated to the SmartBracket made by Oribay Group Automotive pursuant to the company’s current approach with regard to digitising their car solutions.

Tekniker has made available its capabilities in terms of multi-functional services, nano-additivation and optical systems to deliver unique integrated products.


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