Technology Barnetegi with top sports players on Internet Day


Spri has called sportsmen and women including Aritz Laskurain, Peio Ruiz Cabestany and Garikoitz Lerga to the Barnetegi held yesterday and today. Entrepreneurs, women, over-55s and children with their parents were the most prominent groups at the Internet Day Barnetegi. The Industry Department has presented ICTs to 2,455 professionals through the 237 Barnetegis organised

Spri, 18/05/2012

On this year’s Internet Day, the Basque Government Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, through SPRI (the Society for Competitive Transformation) organised a special Technology Barnetegi to present online opportunities to a group of 12 elite sportsmen and women from the Basque Country. Aritz Laskurain, Elena Silvestre, Iker Fernández, Julio Usandizaga, Peio Ruiz Cabestany, Jaione Ayastuy and Garikoitz Lerga were among the sports players taking part in a 24-hour digital gathering to find out what the web offers professional sports players for making contact with their fans, controlling their image on the Internet, consulting information of interest and a host of other facilities offered by online tools to users. The event took place yesterday and today in Zeanuri.

The activity schedule for the group includes information society image (online identity, fingerprinting, presence, trends, attention to image), relationships in the information society (communication in the 2.0 world, social networks, dialoguing, collaborative popularity, fan clubs and support groups, prestige management), online advertising and sports technology services.


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