The Basque Technology Park Network promotes collaboration and business opportunities with Johnson & Johnson for its Health sector companies

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The Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park hosted a professional conference as part of its K-business service, which included personalised meetings between companies and Johnson & Johnson Innovation managers

The event was attended by 43 people from 34 companies and organisations from the Parks interested in finding out about the keys to working and collaborating with the main companies dedicated to Health Care

The central building of the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park, on the Donostia Campus, hosted an intense professional day dedicated to the search for collaboration and business opportunities with the multinational Johnson & Johnson. The meeting was organised by the Basque Technology Park Network as part of the differential services offered to its companies through the K-business programme.

The day, which aroused great interest among companies in the health sector, was divided into two phases. In the morning, Antonio Gómez, partner of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, held personalised meetings with representatives of 11 companies from the Parks, selected according to the mutual interest that could be derived from a possible collaboration with the American multinational.

In this sense, the American company has reminded that, in addition to the scheduled meetings, there is a high level of interest on their part to hold meetings with companies that have not been able to attend these meetings due to the limited agenda, so they plan to contact them in the near future. In fact, the Park Network has received a total of 65 meeting requests for this K-business activity.

The organisations that have had the opportunity to hold individual meetings with Johnson & Johnson have been: Biobide, Cyber Surgery, Miramoon Pharma, Zelula biopharma, CIC bioGUNE, Mikrobiomik Healthcare Company, Nanobiocel, Legit Health, Tecnalia, Achucarro Basque Centre for Neuroscience and Tekniker.

In the afternoon, the day continued with a training session on the “keys to collaborating with a company in the health sector”. This workshop, given in English and in a multi-hub format, was attended by 39 people from 30 organisations from the Parks. The Donostia Science and Technology Park has been selected as the only node in Spain to interact with other cities on the continent where this initiative has been carried out simultaneously, such as Paris, Milan, Utrecht, Lisbon, Allschwil-Basel (Switzerland) and Manchester.

This is the third time that the Basque Technology Park Network has organised a conference called “K-business Leader”, designed to connect leading multinational companies with the Basque ecosystem. The first was held in 2019 with Roche, and the second, in 2020, also with Johnson & Johnson.

In the specific case of this meeting, the meetings have been channelled through Johnson & Johnson Innovation, the section of the US multinational dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship in the field of healthcare. Both the one-to-one meetings and the training session were led by Antonio Gómez, the company’s External Innovation Partner for Spain and in charge of exploring and maintaining a network of contacts within the biomedical research ecosystem and facilitating the establishment of collaborations with Johnson & Johnson.



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