The Head of the Basque Government presents the Korta Awards to Miguel Lazpiur, Justo Ercilla, Jesús Hermosilla, Juanjo Azkarate and Miguel Gandiaga


The Basque Government pays tribute to all the prize-winning entrepreneurs in the 12 years since the awards were launched.

Basque Government, 12/06/2012

This afternoon, the Basque President Patxi Lopez will preside over the prize giving for the Joxe Mari Korta Awards, which is now in its 12th year. The event will be held at the headquarters of Basque President before a large representation of business leaders, institutions and Basque society members, and awards the lengthy professional career of five Basque entrepreneurs.

This year’s winners are Justo Ercilla (Founder of Zayer), Juanjo Azkarate (CEO of CCC), Jesús Hermosilla (The Basconia Group), Miguel Gandiaga (Ingeteam) and Miguel Lazipur (Ex-President of Confebask).

The five award winners stand out for their involvement in the business sectors in which they represent as has been highlighted by the jury. It has also noted “their relevance in the development of business values, business creation and the generation of both new business activities and jobs.”


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