The Industry department’s new business helpline receives an average of 136 calls a day in its first year of existence


SPRI’s SAC (Centralised Customer Attention Service) has responded to a total of 32,606 queries since March 2011. 74% were dealt with directly by telephone This service has replaced the previous system, where the entrepreneurs or citizens sometimes had to be passed on to 3 or 4 different SPRI operators. Queries are now attended to directly by one person or passed on to the SAC support team, who then deal with them

Spri, 13/03/2012

This centralised helpline is one of the tools implemented by SPRI, a public company belonging to the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, to provide help and counselling for all Basque companies so that they can improve their service. Until a year ago, calls were attended successively by different operators: calls to the central exchange were passed on to the technician in question via the service officer and sometimes via the services of the corresponding department, with the call then being passed on to the technicians, who on occasions were not able to take it directly and the callers had to wait, giving rise to dissatisfaction. The response is now immediate, guaranteed by a team providing even the most complex solution, with full accountability for the service user.


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