The Basque Country Technology Park in Gipuzkoa celebrates 30 years at the service of talent, innovation and sustainability

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Strategic projects of high differential value in critical areas such as biosciences or food have turned the Donostia Campus and the Hernani Campus into a reference for more than 200 scientific-technological companies in which 6,500 people work every day. 

The Basque Country Technology Park will celebrate thirty years at the service of talent, innovation and sustainability in Gipuzkoa over the course of 2024. During this period it has become a point of reference for companies and strategic projects such as Viralgen, Graphenea, Multiverse Computing or DNA DATA, opening the doors to the development of critical sectors such as biosciences, personalized health, cleaner energy, food industry or smart industry.

The celebration of this 30th anniversary had its first inaugural event at the beginning of the year at the Donostia Campus, located in the capital of Gipuzkoa. This space, the seed of the Basque Country Technology Park in Gipuzkoa, brought together a large representation of the 203 companies that operate on the Campus, together with an institutional delegation headed by Iñigo Urkullu, President of the Basque Government.

As was made clear at the event, the Donostia Campus, together with the Hernani Campus -which was later incorporated into the space of the Basque Country Technology Park in the territory of Gipuzkoa to promote its expansion and attract new projects- is one of the greatest exponents of the transformation undergone by the Gipuzkoa and Basque economy in the last 30 years.

Currently, a total of 203 companies and R&D agents carry out their activities in a differential space of the highest quality. These companies, which generated a combined turnover of 1,473 million euros and invested a total of 184 million euros in R&D activities, employ 6,803 people, more than half of whom have a university degree.

The event also featured the presentation of the slogan that will accompany the celebration of the 30th anniversary throughout 2024. It is “Innfiniturantz”, a word that combines the expression “infiniturantz” in Basque (“towards infinity” in Spanish) with the prefix “inn”, to highlight the dynamic spirit of the Technology Park and its link with innovation.

RWith regard to activity data, the Donostia Campus has a building occupancy rate of close to 100%, so the Basque Country Technology Park is already working on the planned expansion in the Illumbe area, within the city of San Sebastian, next to the current facilities. To this end, talks are being held with the Donostia-San Sebastian City Council.

In the same way, those responsible for the Technology Park consider the commitment to the growth of the Hernani Campus, where construction of a new building will begin, and the new Hondarribia Campus, strategically located a short distance from the border with France, to be key. In the latter case, the project is awaiting the new PGOU of the municipality.

Commitment to Gipuzkoa

In its 30 years of history, the activity of the Technology Park in Gipuzkoa has developed in a unique setting. Its commitment to the future of business is carried out in a natural environment, with sustainability at its core, where the urban and architectural quality of the spaces is a hallmark of identity. And where the people who work in key sectors for the progress of our society are stimulated, motivated and cared for.

In addition to all this, since its creation, the Technology Park has highlighted a clear vocation to bring science and technology closer to society, sharing the knowledge that is key to progress through various initiatives. In particular, it has worked to promote scientific and technological vocations among young people and to make the role of women in science and technology more visible.

Campus Donostia is part of the six active campuses (Zamudio/Derio, Leioa, Donostia, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Hernani and Abanto) and the three planned (Ortuella, Bilbao and Hondarribia) of the Basque Country Technology Park, an ecosystem of talent and knowledge that concentrates the commitment to give innovation and internationalization leading roles in Basque industrial policy.


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